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Contact Us

A Message from LaBree Motorsports

LaBree Motorsports is the place to give your car or truck more horsepower and better gas mileage! Our goal is to give the owner the product that works best on their vehicle, for a reasonable price. Our products are all built by performance enthusiasts! All downpipes and performance exhaust systems are built in-house. We have a mandrel bender on site, so we are able to bend exhaust systems the way you want, and in many cases, while you wait! We have a large selection of mufflers and tips and we can match the look and sound to your desired specifications.

Most flanges are laser cut for us, we also make our own flanges in-house for less common or completely custom applications. Our custom made flanges are flame-cut in house from 3/8" cold roll steel and machined flat for a perfect fit, even without gaskets. All tubing is welded to flanges on the inside, and port and polished for a perfect exhaust flow. I was taught this technique over 30 years ago by Doug Thorely of Doug Thorely Headers. Now others, who learned this technique from me, are using this method and claiming it as their own. We specialize in turbo-charged cars and trucks, especially when it comes to increasing mileage in diesels. We have dyno charts of many of our products, and in many cases we produce more power and torque gains than our competitors. We also produce better gas mileage which is very important considering the price of gas. By increasing airflow in and out, we produce more power and better gas mileage for your vehicle.

So, you're asking yourself, why use LaBree Motorsports? Why are we better than our competition? We came up with the following reasons:

  • We LOVE what we do!
  • We use tools and equipment that other shops lack.
  • We will work with you, before and after the job is done. We won't leave you in the cold with unanswered questions, or lingering problems.
  • We give a lifetime guarantee on all parts (mufflers, tubing and hangers).
  • We have the ability to test the exhaust tone to see if it meets sound DBA requirements.
  • We are firm believers that you get what you pay for. All our exhaust systems offer a warranty.

Our exhaust systems use only the best materials and exhibit excellent craftsmanship. All systems produced by us are available in stainless steel (T-304) or aluminized steel. And last but not least, installation is available at our location in Canoga Park, CA. Please contact us for information regarding installations.