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Benjamin's 300ZX



I just wanted to give you some good feedback on my Labree exhaust.  It fit well, has good quality, and looks good, but the best part is the way it sounds.  It sounds great.  Quiet enough that I can drive "spiritedly" in traffic without making a bunch of obnoxious noise that attracts too much attention.  This is true even considering my larger turbos and aftermarket high flow downpipes and midpipes.  It's still loud enough to sound better than stock.  I'm very impressed with how much sound is muffled considering that it is a straight through muffler design plus the pipe bends are minimized.  By comparing this exhaust with my previous aftermarket set up your exhaust has to flow better and yet it is still quieter. 

Here is a picture.  If it helps your business feel free to share my testimony or picture.


Bobby and his GTO: Dual Exhaust /w LaBree Mufflers and Tips



Best work in the country -- He could charge three times the price and it would be a bargain. Honest, fast and proud of his work, Brent never lets a project end until it is perfect. A real national treasure, I love this guy.

Janet Speer is excited about her LaBree Motorsports exhaust system and couldn't wait to share it !


I just wanted to let you know that my son has installed my test pipes and cat back exhaust along with the Stillen headers on my '90 300zx n/a coupe.
IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even better, it resolved several issues. The engine has been running rough, bogging and just not right. She can breathe now. It also felt like the clutch needed a lighter flywheel because when trying to match rpm's when downshifting, I had to really get heavy on the gas to bring the revs up. The revs come right up now. When running up through the gears she was always laboring to get to 6000 rpm. Not now. Now I can bring her up to 6500 rpm with no effort at all. I really thought that she was just used up and had no life left in her. Boy was I wrong. She's got power to burn. No, she's not as fast as a TT, but for me; she is making my life FUN.

Best of all, I work with a young man that has a Nismo 350z. He just put a Megan Racing single exhaust (deleted the dual exhaust). My car sounds better than his. His car sounds like all the typical ricers out there with the tin can exhausts. Mine is throaty and says 'Look at me, I can kick ass'. It is the kind of sound I was looking for. Yep, he's jealous.

I am so glad that the Megan test pipes were back ordered for so long that I got fed up waiting and pulled the trigger for your test pipes. We were trying to save money but I should have stood true to my philosophy to not cheap out on anything I put on my car.
She and I will be going from Chicago to Detroit this coming weekend. I am so looking forward to a road trip with her. I can't wait.

I know I am going on and on, but this car is my baby. When I bought her I had no idea that I had bought my dream car. One day my son pulled up the 1990 commercial for the 300zx. I vaguely remembered it, until the very end when the toy car drove through the legs of the Asian guy (Nissan's CEO). That's when it all came back to me that I had dream of owning a 300zx.

My only regret is that she is rusting faster than I can keep up. She had also been in a front end wreck before I bought her and was poorly repaired. I rescued her from my son's friend. He bought the car used. It got squirrely in the rain and scared him. He parked it for over a year. Out of necessity, I had to drive it through the winter the first year I owned her. Someone also had no idea how to jack her up and crushed the frame rails. So eventually I will be looking for a 300zx with a blown engine to do a swap.

Well, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Labree exhaust system. Coz at Concept Z Performance is great. He's always helpful and answers my emails anytime of the day or night and is always willing to help me with my questions.

Thank you for making my midlife crisis fun.

Janet Speer

Ralph Bermudez' 67 Mustang Fastback: 3" Pipes with a Double Cross-over


Brent made the exhaust system for my 67 Mustang and also my 66 Ford F100 with a 428CJ. Both cars are 3" from the headers to the rear with his famous double cross-over in both cars. Excellent work, definitely the best in the west.

Brian Stahl's B5 Split Downpipes, True dual 2.5" Exhaust w/ P-Pipe


Exhaust looks great and sounds even better. Can't wait to push the car and see how it sounds.

Jason Okolisan's 1995 Nissan 300ZX

Thank you for all your help and getting me the exhaust in time for Z convention. It was a pleasure working with you and Brent.